Gender Equality Plan – GEP 2023 – 2028

The Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CMHI)  has introduced a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for 2023-2028. The CMHI  is an institution that – respecting the values of the European Union – wants to take active measures in the area of equality issues. The principle of gender equality also means preserving equal opportunities for promotion and development in the field of research and innovation, and can improve the quality and usefulness of their results for patients and employees regardless of gender. Creating good conditions for development for all (regardless of gender) can also contribute to attracting and retaining people with diverse competencies, which provides an opportunity to realize the CMHI full potential.

The structure of the Gender Equality Plan has been created in a process- from the initial, diagnostic analysis of data on the subject, through the establishment of strategic and operational goals and indicators for their achievement, to the establishment of an action plan and timetable for their implementation, along with a decision on the ways and frequency of monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

The first internal evaluation will take place in 2024.

Progress in achieving the goals outlined in the Plan will be monitored and described in annual reports published on the  official website of the Institute.