The Bioethics Committee at the “Children’s Memorial Health Institute” in Warsaw (first name: Ethics Committee) was established as one of the first in Poland in 1984 by the Director at that time, Prof. dr hab. med. Maria Goncerzewicz. The first Chairman of the Ethics Committee was Prof. dr hab. med. Bolesław Górnicki, a well-known humanist and ethicist widely known in Poland and abroad. In the years 1991-2002, the Ethics Committee was chaired by Prof. dr hab. med. Maria Goncerzewicz. In the years 2003-2011, the Bioethical Committee was chaired by Prof. dr hab. med. Bogumiła Milewska-Bobula.

Since 2003, the name Bioethics Committee has been used in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of 1999, which also regulates the personnel of the Committee in terms of career.

The Bioethics Committee is appointed by the Director of the Institute for a three-year mandate under the Regulation, with the simultaneous definition of the operation rules issued in the form of Regulations containing international and local legal provisions. The activities of the Bioethical Committee at the CMHI are characterized by independence, professionalism, pluralism and transparency.

The following will be assessed by the Committee:

• clinical trials

• statutory, own research, etc.

• NCN, EU and other grants

• doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations.

With regard to research, especially clinical trials, the Committee carries out ethical and scientific assessments and supervises the course as the Committee’s primary task is to provide protection for participants and to obtain high-quality research.