Medical internships

For students, students of college, post-secondary schools and post-graduate studies

The aim of the internship is to gain work experience and acquire practical skills under the guidance of a designated supervisor.

Internships take place without an establishment of employment relationship. 

Documents required, when accepted for internships:

• application TO THE MANAGEMENT of the “Children’s Memorial Health Institute” with a request for admission to internships, indicating the exact place (i.e. the appropriate organizational unit – Clinic/ Institution) and the planned date of the internship

• referral from an university

• internship program

• photocopy of student ID

• photocopy of a sanitary-epidemiological book confirmed by a current entry or a medical confirmation of lack of contraindications in case of internship

A student/listener is obliged to have compulsory insurance against accidents, civil liability insurance, as well as a protective apron. Documents should be delivered to the Training Section, block F, 1st floor, room 106 (tel. +48 22 815 11 32) at least one month before the date of the internship.

To download: Application model