The Library and the CMHI Scientific Information conducts:

Bibliography of the CMHI Employees’ Publications – it covers scientific works and popular science works of the CMHI employees published in print. These are self-existent (monographs) and documents being part of other publications: publications in magazines, chapters in monographs.

Bibliographic descriptions are made on the basis of materials contained in the Library and original materials and prints provided by the authors.

The publications include rating of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, binding in the assessments of scientific achievements, and in the case of works published in journals with impact factors (IF), the value of the index for a given year is given.

Based on data from the database, reports for the ministry are created, to the rankings of scientific institutions, as well as for the assessment of units and assessments of individual employees of the CMHI.

Citing of the CMHI Employees’ Publication – the database allows you to find information regarding the number of citations, the number of cited works, Hirsch index (one of the parameters used to assess the quality of scientific achievements). It is created based on the Web of Science Core Collection.

If you see errors in your Web of Science database with your name, affiliation or bibliographic data, you can report it to Thomson Reuters through a dedicated form.

bibliometric analysis – for the needs of individual assessments: promotions, grants, procedures of the Central Committee, competitions, based on the bibliographic base of employees’ publications of the CMHI. Before ordering the analysis, check the completeness of your achievements and provide the missing publications to the Library and the Scientific Information.