Piotr Kaliciński

Scientific degree: MD prof. dr hab.

Scientific position : professor

Department: Department of Pediatric Surgery and Organ Transplantation

OrcID No: 0000-0003-0555-2229


  • specialist in pediatric transplantation and clinical transplantation
  • full profesor and Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Organ Transplantation in the Children’s Memorial Health Institute(CMHI)  in Warsaw
  • active member of Scientiffic Committee of the Institute
  • active member of National Transplant Board (previously for many years its chairman)
  • in the past: national Consultant in pediatric surgery
  • representative of the CMHI in the Board of TransplantChild within the European Reference Network
  • member of the steering committee of PLUTO (Pediatric Unresectable Liver Tumor Observatory)
  • member of several editorial boards of polish and international journals, eg. Pediatric Transplantation, European Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Annals of Transplantation and other
  • author of 300 full text publications ( 67 with IF), wrote 2 books, and 49 chapters and editor of 3 textbooks

Other qualifications and achievements:

  • performed first successful liver transplantation, as well as first liver transplantation from the living donor, first combined liver and kidney transplantation, and first multiorgan lilver, intestine, pancreas transplantation  in Poland
  • introduced in Poland pp65 CMV antigen monitoring as well as EBV viremia monitoring  in organ transplant recipients
  • developed own modifications of surgical procedure for total colon aganglionosis and renal autotransplantation for renovascular hypertension.

Research interests:

  • hepatobiliary and pancreas surgery in children
  • abdominal organs transplantation in children
  • primary liver tumors in children
  • long term pathomorphology of transplanted liver
  • vascular surgery in children
  • Hirschsprung’s disease and other intestinal motor disturbances


e-mail: p.kalicinski@ipczd.pl