Małgorzata Markiewicz-Kijewska

Scientific degree: MD PhD

Scientific position: assistant professor

Department: Pediatric Surgery and Organ’s Transplantation Department

OrcID No: 0000-0003-2664-611X


  • assistant professor in the department of Pediatric Surgery and Organ’s Transplantation in the Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CMHI) In Warsaw, which is the reference pediatric hospital for Poland
  • performs organ’s transplantation (the single center for pediatric transplantation in Poland)
  • participates in the surgical treatment of children with different congenital malformations
  • has published 69 full text articles (over 30 papers listed in Phliadelphia list), over 130 summaries in sciences magazines (were presented in different national and international cogresses) and is the author of 2 chapters in books

Qualifications and trainings:

  • graduated specialist in pediatric surgery and clinical transplantation

Research interests:

  • scientific work devoted above all to transplantology and pediatric surgery
  • in the field of pediatric surgery special interest in the surgical treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease and its complications, with particular interests on total colonic aganglionosis,  as well as the introduction in children for quick correction of acute coagulopathy with  recombinant activated factor VII.
  • in the field of transplantology, particular interest is related to liver transplantation across blood groups, treatment of humoral rejection, and the use of recombinant activated factor VII for the correction of acute coagulopathy after reperfusion or in acute liver failure