Dariusz Gruszfeld

Scientific degree: MD dr hab.

Scientific position: CMHI professor

Department: Neonatology, Neonatal Pathology and Intensive Care Department

OrcID No: 0000-0002-2414-4928


  • deputy Head of Neonatal Department in Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, Head of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • co-author and author of several papers in the field of neonatology, nutrition and nutritional programming – in particular the ‘early protein hypothesis’
  • Participated in the EU Childhood Obesity Project (CHOP). As a coordinator of the Polish team collaborated in EarlyNutrition Project with the group of Prof. Bert Koletzko from Munich, Germany
  • Biochemical markers of neonatal brain injury – collaboration with Prof. D. Gazzolo from Genoa, Italy.

Qualifications and trainings:

  • pediatrician
  • specialist in neonatology

Research interests:

  • infant nutrition, metabolic and nutritional programming
  • neonatal intensive care
  • infant pain management
  • biochemical markers of brain injury


e-mail: d.gruszfeld@ipczd.pl