Alina Kępka

Scientific degree: MD dr hab.

Scientific position: assistant professor

Department:  Department of Biochemistry, Radioimmunology and Experimantal Medicine

OrcID No:0000-0003-4850-5924


  • associate profesor in the Department of Biochemistry, Radioimmunology and Experimental Medicine of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute of Warsaw
  • In 2013- February 2016: manager of the Laboratory of Radioimmunology, Biochemistry and Pharmacokinetics as well as Deputy Director of Department of Biochemistry, Radioimmunology and Experimental Medicine
  • member of Social Council of Independent Public Company of Health Care in Ząbki, near Warsaw from 2001- 2004
  • co-organizer of 3 scientific conferences (one international)
  • received 4 didactic diplomas from the Rector of the Medical University of Białystok
  • active member of Euroglycoforum Research Network of European Glycoscience Expertise (since 2012)
  • member of Editorial Board and Reviewer of EC Nutrition (from 2017)
  • realized scientific domestic and international research projects (CHOPIN, PERFECT)
  • author or co-author more than 70 reviewed papers (and among them 40 indexed in PubMed)
  • co-author and co-editor of one polish textbook, as well as autor/coauthor of 7 chapters in polish and 2 in foreign monographs

Qualifications  and trainings:

  • specjalization:  I° in Clinical Analytics ; IIo Medical Laboratory Diagnostics
  • other qualifications : knowledge of laboratory procedures, handling of medical laboratory instrumentation

Research interests:

  • research interest concerns diagnostics of children diseases with endocrinological disturbances and inborn errors in metabolism
  • leading subject: inborn enzymatic defect on gluconeogenesis pathway concerning fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase (FBP-1,6)
  • following scientific subject: laboratory diagnostics of glycogenoses types: Ia, Ib, III, IV, VI, IX consisting on determination of enzymatic activities in liver biopsies, leukocytes and erythrocytes
  • actual scientific interests: carnitine and its metabolites: TMAO (N-oxide of the  trimethylamine ) and TMA (trimethylamine) among others as a risk factors of: insulin resistance,  alimentary tract cancers and cardiovascular diseases