Agnieszka Sowińska

Scientific degree: PhD

Scientific position: assistant professor

Department: Pathology Unit

ORCID_ No:0000-0002-6853-2340


  • biologist with a specialization in molecular biology
  • assistant professor at the Department of Pathology at The Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CHMI) in Warsaw
  • in 2006 defended doctoral thesis in the field of materials engineering, devoted to biocompatibility of biomaterials
  • co-author of 45 publications, including 16 publications from the Philadelphia list (ISI Master Journal List), 5 review papers and 1 monograph
  • head of the NCN project and two CHMI grants
  • participated in 16 research projects (1 international, 14 external and 1 CHMI project)
  • member of the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians and the Polish Society of Cell Biology

Qualifications and trainings:

  • laboratory diagnostician; during the specialization in the field of “Laboratory Medical Genetics”.
  • molecular diagnostics of solid childhood cancers.
  • studies of the structure and elemental composition of tissues using scanning electron microscopy with X-ray microanalysis and studies of enterocytes ultrastructure and intercellular junctions in the epithelium of the small intestine of children with celiac disease.
  • investigations of cellular structures by immunofluorescence methods in a confocal microscope.
  • biocompatibility studies of biomaterials

Research interests:

  • Molecular disorders in brain tumors in children.
  • Structure and role of intercellular junctions for cell / tissue biology.
  • Modulation of cellular response by extracellular matrix / substratum