Maciej Jaworski

Scietnitif degree: Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences

Scientific position: assistant professor

Department: Department of Biochemistry, Radioimmunology and Experimental Medicine, Densitometry Lab

OrcID No: 0000-0002-6758-371X


  • head of Densitometry Lab
  • board member of Division of  Bone Metabolic Disease of Polish Society of Pediatrics
  • published over 30 peer reviewed papers indexed in PubMed
  • lecturer on Clinical Densitometry courses

Qualifications and trainings:

  • International Society for Clinical Densitometry  Course – Certified Clinical Densitometrist
  • International Osteoporosis Foundation Course with Densitometry Certification
  • Other medical/research skills: Biostatistics

Research interests:

  • non-invasive bone mineral density measurement,
  • mechanostat,
  • risk of fracture,
  • body composition,
  • mechanography, (Ground Reaction Force Platform, GRFP)
  • DXA, pQCT and QUS methods
  • pathology and physiology